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5 Reasons Why Vinyl Windows Are Better Than Wooden Ones

Finding it tough to decide between wood and vinyl windows? If that’s the case, then you should replace the window with an objective of improving the home’s energy efficiency and add value to the habitat. However, it’s essential to recognize the type that is according to your requirements and looks good for your home. While it’s beneficial to fit wooden windows, vinyl windows can serve to be a better option.


Five Aspects of Vinyl Windows Making Them Better Than Wooden Windows


1. Affordability

If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative, then vinyl windows could just be your choice. In comparison to other materials like wood and fiberglass, you would never be compromising on quality. It’s worth buying vinyl windows in case you looking for savings and a replacement for a long time span.

Mahogany and alder which are known to come under supreme quality wood are actually expensive. Additionally, you have to take proper care and maintain year after year.


2. Energy Efficient

One of the best benefits of vinyl windows is owing to its insulating properties. These are made from a material known as polyvinyl chloride or PVC. Due to a high R-value, you can always insulate the residence in a better way. Unlike aluminum, Vinyl prevents the escape of heat during winter and entry of hot air during in summer. In short, vinyl windows help in maintaining the temperature indoors.

Once you combine vinyl windows with a double pane glass, insulation can be substantially enhanced by filling argon gas. The Low-E keeps you secure from ultra-violet rays and non-toxic argon gas that’s filled between the panes. On the whole, the energy cost is considerably reduced. Even though you think it might be a little expensive, you can cover up the expenses in the utility bills.


3. Easy Maintenance

Zero or little maintenance post installation of vinyl windows is yet another benefit. Since the vinyl frame flaunts a superb finish and color, you don’t have to worry much about applying paint over and over again. Being less porous, there’s less accumulation of dirt and grime and cleaning becomes easier. But, if you are serious about adding an elegant touch, then you have to polish wood constantly.


4. Durability

Vinyl windows last for a longer time because these don’t get dirty or ruined due to scratches and dents. Even when it’s exposed to harsh elements, the frame won’t warp or rot anytime ahead. On the contrary, you need to spare time for caring about wood frames. Due to the presence of moisture, the material might rot and swell. Moreover, termites can also eat away wood and mar the overall appearance.


5. Enhances Residence’s Value

Finally, many households prefer vinyl to wood when it comes to purchasing windows. This is because these are available in many color shades, shapes, and designs. You can always customize them to complement your style and make them look attractive. In future, you can always add on to the resale value in case you wish to relocate somewhere else.

Hope this information is helpful to make the right choice. With several benefits, you would be happy to set up vinyl windows and come up with unique décor idea.

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