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Best Window Treatment Ideas For Bay Windows

When you are more concerned about the architectural features, bay windows actually look stunning to a vintage-inspired home or appear simple just next to a sink in a modest kitchen. So, whether you need to use the nook for a sunny breakfast or admire nature’s beauty from a living room, bay windows make the room larger and grab the attention of many around you. Window treatments for bay windows might be a daunting task because you can’t deny the fact that there are three windows rather than one. With this in mind, you can have a look at the ideas and numerous options.


6 Effective Window Treatment Ideas for Bay Windows


1. Roman Shades

It’s always a classic choice when you opt for roman shades for bay windows. While this can be considered as a decorative style for bay window treatments, the shades appear contemporary, organized and clean in every aspect. You would be happy with the visual alignment when three shades are positioned adjacent to one another.


2. Sheer Shades

If you wish to keep things simple rather than making it look sophisticated, you can very well use sheer shades. As the ambiance is transformed with sunlight through the shades, the horizontal layers lend a different feeling and help you relax peacefully. Moreover, these can be closed if privacy is the prime concern. But, for an unobstructed view, you can always roll them up without any hassles.


3. Woven Wood Shades

Adding on to a decorative texture and bringing in a natural feel can easily be done once you set up woven wood shades. As the expert wraps up the task, you can enhance the décor idea and spend some more time in and around the space. In case if that’s not the purpose, then these shades can enhance the visual appeal of a room where everyone has a wonderful time together. It’s one of the best window treatments for bay window that will add more elegance to your windows.


4. Valance

If the bay window gives you the chance for viewing a beautiful landscape, then you can think way beyond with a valance. At the first glimpse, these appear decorative and serve to be useful when blinds and roller shades have to be hidden. It is worth to try such bay window treatment ideas.


5. Drapery

To focus more on windows, you can always hang translucent draperies right from an overhead rod. As for the color shade, you must decide on which one to choose. For simplicity, you can consider fabric festooned with motifs or else a light color shade if you wish to fascinate guests on those special occasions. Just make sure that you confident about the quality and the vertical length. These two aspects would always give a different type of illusion.


6. Layered Treatments

To gain control over light, you can pair the blinds with a drapery or a valance. Such a combination would signify how much you love your windows and highlight a unique décor idea. A color contrast is what you must always take care of or else you would be ruining the visual appeal to the greatest extent. To put it in better words, layered treatments help you to complement the style you have on your mind.


Final verdict, go for window treatment ideas for bay windows which meet and greet your passion and requirements.

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