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Caulking Windows

The Window Factory offers a variety of window-related services to the metro-Pittsburgh area, including window caulking.

Caulking is done to eliminate a pre-existing draft, or to prevent against drafts, and while the process can seem simple, where to caulk a window and how best to do so can actually vary depending on the type of window involved.

When working with vinyl windows with vinyl siding, there shouldnt be much need for caulking if the window was installed correctly. Caulking on the interior is mainly for aesthetics, and you will caulk where the drywall and/or casing meets the frame.

For wood windows with wood frames, there is typically much more maintenance involved, and all gaps should consistently be re-caulked. Then there are replacement windows, which tend to be vinyl windows worked into existing wood frames.

In situations with replacement windows, you have the area between the new window and the existing frame to keep caulk maintained as well as around any old trim.
No matter the windows or framework, The Window Factory has got you covered! We use silicone caulk as opposed to latex, which tends to last longer, is more flexible and durable, holds up well in direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, works best on non-porous surfaces, and is best suited for gaps that expand and contract or, in other words, silicone caulk is the perfect fit for anything concerning windows.

If your windows need re-caulking, or you have questions about how your windows will be caulked upon installation, CALL our offices at (412) 727-6342 and we will be happy to address any and all concerns!

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