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Double Hung Window Spring Balance

There are few things Pittsburghers like better than the changing of the seasons, particularly when the temperatures change from sub-zero and we can finally feel some warmth again.

Honestly – is there anything much more satisfying than that first fine spring day when, after a long winter, you can finally throw your windows open and get a refreshing breeze throughout the house? We at The Window Factory don’t think so, and we know that your double hung windows are the perfect tools for this process.

Double-hung windows offer you the convenience of sliding the bottom sash up or the top sash down when opening the window to the outdoors. But much like anything else in your home, your double hung windows need maintenance and repair, and the window replacement experts at The Window Factory have got you covered.

In a double hung window, each sash requires two balance springs to support its weight – these springs also help keep the sash open. When a spring balance is broken, the window may be difficult to open altogether or one side of the window sash might refuse to remain in the open position.

Replacing your double hung window balance springs is an affordable and easy solution that will help to avoid smashed fingers and continue allow the outdoor breeze back into your home.

CALL our window replacement experts at (412) 727-6342 for a FREE estimate, and let The Window Factory help find the solution so you don’t miss another minute of fresh air!

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