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Insulated Glass Replacement

The Window Factory is aware of the fact that Pittsburgh experiences extreme temperatures during the winter and summer season. So, it’s quite essential to insulate homes so that the internal temperature doesn’t fluctuate constantly. Whenever conditions become unbearable, households need to use the air conditioner and furnace for a longer time span. This eventually results in wasting energy and paying hundreds of dollars for utility bills.

Why not seek help from us?  The Window Factory is proud of being Pittsburgh’s premier window replacement facilities. Our experts help you to replace insulated glass quickly without any hassles. We offer the best solutions even if you need to do away with fogging, replace broken panes or simply enhance the energy efficiency.

For extra insulation, we also offer glass coated with Low-E (or Low-Emissivity) Argon Gas. The material is known for its emissivity, a property that totally depends on the ratio of heat emitted by s substance. When glass windows allow volumes of thermal energy to pass through, Argon gas coating helps in reducing the effect and keeping things under control. Such coatings allow visible light to pass through and keep interiors protected against radiant heat by reflecting infrared rays. This makes a huge difference because radiant heat from the interior is reflected back inside during winter. On the other hand, heat radiations are reflected away thus keeping the ambiance cool during a sultry weather.

So, whatever might be the purpose; replacing insulated windows or glass doors, the experts working with The Window Factory are more than happy to help you and work way beyond your expectations.

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