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Single Pane Replacement

Single-pane windows are still often found in homes 50-plus years old, but in the last few decades they have slowly been phased out of modern construction by more energy-efficient, insulated windows, like those with double-panes and triple-panes.

The simplistic windows certainly have their place and are a traditional choice for home remodeling and new construction projects, particularly for those who have tight budgets, but our window replacement experts at The Window Factory primarily recommend single-pane windows for projects involving non-heated buildings, such as garages and/or tool sheds.

They carry the allure of lower up-front costs, but using them in the main homestead, can cause a great deal of emissivity. Pittsburgh experiences a large array of temperatures, from sub-zero in the winters to scorching 90s in the summer, and single-pane windows allow heat to easily slip both in and out of the house, thus increasing utility bills and ultimately costing you money in the long-run.

With that being said, our experts at The Window Factory are here to meet your needs and are willing to discuss all your options with you. If you are leaning towards single-pane windows, be it for your unheated structure or for your central home, we are happy to meet your demands.

CALL The Window Factory at (412) 727-6342 to discuss your venture with one of our specialists, and get a FREE estimate and a game plan to get your project rolling.

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