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Solatube Skylights Repair & Install Services

Solatube Skylight on roof InstallationSolatube Skylights are a unique and durable way to add extra natural sunlight to your room interiors. They are especially useful for brightening up bathrooms, closets, and hallways. Unlike traditional skylights, Solatubes capture sunlight year round, even on overcast days. Solatubes are available in two sizes to allow you to brighten up almost any room size.


Choose a Solatube for your home for all the following reasons:

    • When you set up a Solatube, it keeps you away from handling leakages. Besides, it’s resistant to damages due to flying debris. You no longer have to bother yourself with water leakages and glass toppling down from the overhead ceiling.
    • Solatube offers a great way to brighten the location. As the output is much beyond the expectations, you can expect light as much as a skylight that’s much larger in size.
    • As compared to other lighting options, Tubular day lighting devices cost less when the product is purchased. Moreover, you won’t have to spend much when installation is concerned.
    • Installation is not only easy but also hassle-free and can be completed in less time. The expert can manage everything without dry walling, tunneling, structural reframing and painting. The estimated installation time is less than three hours.

Solatube Skylight Repair

  • Owing to the flexible and compact design, you can install TDDs anywhere. It could be a room which doesn’t give access to a roof or small spaces which aren’t essential to illuminate during daytime.
  • TDDs offer you with an option to switch off lights during the day. This helps to save more on utility bills and prevent the environment from getting polluted.
  • According to studies, exposure to natural light enhances physical as well as mental strength. You can also concentrate better while you’re engaged in daily tasks. Once set up, you can avail various perks you had never thought about.


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