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special design window


Order 10 installed windows and receive a FREE Steel Entry Door

painted, lock/deadbolt, up to 22 x 36 clear glass, and installation included

We at The Window Factory are dedicated to providing our customers with not just quality and efficiency, but with customizable options to enhance the exterior aesthetic of every home we visit. We have professional craftsman that can repair and customize your existing wooden windows while also specializing in installing new, customized wooden windows and other window styles catering to your specific needs and inspiration. The Window Factory is a local company driven to improve the homes of residents in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.


If you have existing wooden windows with a rustic and historic feel, but are unsure how to even go about keeping them, or even what to do with them, The Window Factory has the knowledge and expertise to not just give you the best advice on what to do with your wooden windows. We can repair and customize your existing wooden windows, or even design entirely new wooden windows!


Our customizable window and door products and services for installation and repair exist to provide you with the windows and doors that make you feel special when walking up your pathway. We have products for patio & entry doors that we can manipulate to cater to your design inspiration, from contemporary, rustic, ranch, coastal and many other design trends. Our extensive product list is the perfect start for you to decide what direction you’d like to go in, and out professionals are here to offer you options when it comes to customizing your choices for you.


The Window Factory is dedicated to providing unique services and products aimed at the customization of your exterior aesthetic. We’re here to offer you options, while also adhering to your vision. After all, it’s your home, and we want to make you feel welcome, from the inside out.


Have any questions about our window and door customization options for your windows and doors? Call The Window Factory to learn more today!

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