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Sliding Glass Door Security and Effective Ways to Improve It

If comes to sliding glass doors then these are very opportune and add a new style dimension to any specific area. The good thing about this door is that they let you bring the wonderful views of your backyard into your house without the interruption of any window frames or any other elements.


Today’s sliding glass door security is better protected and has more designer frames than ever. These doors are a wonderful addition to rooms of your home, but the difficulty with them is the truth that they are not enough secure. Usual doors have different inherent flaws that make them safety risks, but new security bars for sliding doors let you get pleasure from the great beauty and convenience without any security risks.


So what things make these doors special from normal sliding glass doors? These sliding doors are prepared in a way that avoids them from being elevated from their tracks from the exterior. It is one of the greatest risk points for usual doors that can simply be raised out of the track, though secured with ordinary locking bars or plates.


Here we are going to explain you how to secure a sliding glass door with exceptional methods.


Tips to Enhance Sliding Glass Door Security


Perfectly Blocking The Tracks


If it comes to the sliding doors then they work in a very simple way. They move with a perfect set of tracks which are prepared of wood, metal or vinyl. Think about the tracks as guidelines that confirms the door where to shift. To make simple their movement, normally they are fitted with side rollers, the bottom or the top. The sliding glass door security locks can simply be compromised, thus you need to confirm that the doors have another security level to deter intruders.


A wonderful way of performing this is to put in a bar into the door’s tracks to obstruct movement and stop them from being easily opened. It works really very best for doors that horizontally open along with their tracks. The security bar can be prepared of wood, metal or high dense/tensile plastic, to name some materials.


Put an Extra Plate!


As discussed earlier, the safety of your sliding doors can even be compromised if the doors are moved off their tracks. Doesn’t matter you have high-quality sliding glass door locks, it is suggested you to add an extra plate when you plan to install the sliding glass door. Still, it is good to recognize how to counter intruders who have the power to do all that kind of work.


To argue against this it is good to use of an anti-jimmy plate on your door. Normally, these are used on normal doors, but can simply be adapted to your sliding glass doors for an extra level of protection.


Throughout the Facility of Looking Glass


This ultimate choice is measured unconventional just because a good number of people ignore it, though it is the only most effective (together with the things listed above). Security film is a simple and wonderful solution for this kind of work. It is to just strengthen the glass of your sliding doors.


The above-mentioned things that were listed work really well to deter intruders, but some intruders are strong-minded than others, and there is not anything that will prevent them from just breaking your door’s glass and coming in. It is where the strengthening comes in. A thick coating of glass film can give you extra protection. There are many companies that offer different choices for these protecting films. It is suggested you to go and find the best one for your door’s security.

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