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What to do with Wooden Windows

When it comes to the exterior aesthetic of your home windows can have a major impact on the look and feel of your home’s outward appearance. What widows and window treatments you choose can add a lot to your personal style and how others see your home, and wooden windows are one rustic and historic treatment that can enhance your home’s appearance and provide a style you can love. Fortunately some homes already have wooden windows installed, but weathering and erosion can damage the existing wood, but is it repairable? Should you replace it? Should you update it? There are many questions when dealing with wooden windows, and luckily they’re easily restorable and installable.

Windows are an important component in homes: they allow sunlight to enter our rooms, open to allow air inside, shield us from weather and enhance the exterior according to a specific inspiration and style. Wooden windows have the ability to transform the exterior of a home, and although yours might be in bad shape, restoring and upgrading them is an option instead of replacing them. For instance, weather stripping your existing wooden windows will prevent heat escape and cool air creeping inside when weather is extra severe. Restoring your existing wooden windows will keep the look and feel without the annoyance of combating the elements.

High-performance windows nowadays are capable of not just saving you from the bitter cold or the scorching heat, but they are proven to cut your energy costs by 25 percent. Adding these additions to your existing wood windows only makes them more efficient while keeping the historical vibe of restoring your old windows. Wood is light, strong and a proven attractive and highly insulating building material, so why spend tons of money ripping them out of your home? The only step next is finding the style or color that suits you best.

In addition to restoring your wooden window frames, installing new, energy-efficient windows is easily doable, keeping the existing wooden frame. This eliminates the need to tear out the window as a whole, and it provides you a rustic template when designing, painting and improving the exterior of your home. Brand new wooden window frames are also expensive, and when you can save money and energy by repairing your existing windows, you can spend that extra cash on another part of your home!

Wooden windows are a classic exterior treatment, and with the ability to restore existing frames and replacing just the window themselves to make them more efficient, why spend time on money replacing them? Wood is a classic building material and a notorious insulator, so keep your old frames, but spruce them up! You home is a reflection of you, so save money while sticking to your inspiration!

Have any questions regarding wood frame window restoration, replacement or installation? Call The Window Factory to learn more today!

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