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Why We Are Best Window Installation Company In Pittsburgh?

The Window Factory is generally known to be the best and also most popular window installation company in Pittsburgh. Also, this particular company is involved in offering a large selection of the services and also products for the door and window replacement, window installation and also window repair.

Our replacement glass options and also window styles include fiberglass doors and steel, all are generally available with side-lights, decorative glass, transoms, solid brass hardware and accessories as well as beautiful finishes. Along with that, the broad array of the patio doors is generally available in numerous interior finishes and also exterior colors.

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The company also generally specializes in at home and also door repairs for your patio, entry and also entry doors. This includes replacement of screens, insulated glass, balance, and balance cams, hinges and locks and also casement operators.

Along with that, mainly weather stripping and balance adjustment services to your existing doors and windows are mainly offered by this particular company. So, it indicates that the important services which are offered by the company are considered to be efficient. Along with that, the company always tends to offer competitive pricing.

Leading Products and Services Offered By The Company

The Window Factory is completely dedicated to providing leading services and also products for all your window needs. It can be window replacement, installation or complete door and also window repair. Apart from that, this particular company is also involved in providing industry-leading products for patio doors, entry doors and also windows.

Numerous styles are generally provided by our end in order to cater to your exterior aesthetic needs. So, the best services which are related to the installation, replacement, and repair are mainly provided by this particular company.

The Window Factory of Pittsburgh is always ready to satisfy the customer’s needs, in case you are looking to style up with a new window or door installation or your home is generally in need of window and door repair.

Along with that, we are generally considered to be one of the best local constructors which possess an efficient team of dedicated specialists. So, you always get the top products and also services for your home doors and windows that are related to replacement or repair and also installation.



For both commercial and also residential customers, a full line of the custom made vinyl and also wood clad windows are generally installed by our end. The most important styles preferably include casement, sliders, double hung, bows, bay, awning and also stationary windows.

Entry Doors

entry door
Entry Door

We also generally possess an extension of MASONITE & THERMA-TRU STEEL & FIBERGLASS ENTRY DOORS. Also, both of these models are considered to be fully insulated.

Patio Doors

Patio Door

When you choose from the three beautiful styles, then the selection of the nest patio door for your home is considered to be very much easy.

USPs Of Window Factory

Windows Factory is considered to be a leading window installation company in Pittsburgh. So, in this regard, it is very important to consider the USPs of this particular company.

Property Value: The best property value is generally provided by our end. This helps to improve the overall value of your property. Most of the homebuyers always prefer to buy homes with modern windows.

Cheap: All of the products and also services which are mainly provided by our company are cheap and so, it is easily affordable by most of the people. In this regard, you also need to put into consideration the major benefits which are associated with the entire process.

As a result, you will definitely agree that it is a worthy process to go for.

Comfort: Proper window replacements always tend to ensure that there is proper air circulation in the room. Along with that, the excess heat which is inside the room will definitely find its way out through the newly installed windows. Thus, we are involved in providing comfort to the people.


Thus, we are generally among the best window installation company due to our USPs.

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