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Why You Need Energy-Efficient Windows

When designing your new home or even remodeling your existing house, installing energy-efficient windows should be a no-brainer. Today builders of every trade and in every market are using energy-efficient windows not just for their ability to cut energy costs for homeowners, but their capability of diminishing our homes’ impact on the environment. Energy-efficient windows are designed to essentially save both money and energy while making your home open, beautiful and welcoming for family and friends.

Your home needs to feel welcoming and comfortable, and utilizing energy-efficient windows can add style to your space while also cutting costs on your energy bills. Windows can be expensive, however over time big monthly energy bills tend to exceed the initial cost if you were to install energy-efficient windows. For the initial cost to install new energy efficient windows you have the potential to save tons of money when cutting your energy uses. The sun exists to provide light; why not use it to save monthly?

ENERGY STAR® has established energy performance rating guidelines for different climates, and this provides you with a performance standard for the windows you’re purchasing and installing. When choosing your windows be sure to examine these ratings, and take in for account that they do not include the orientation of your new or existing windows.

The energy efficiency that windows provide homes with is dependent upon various different parts that enable the windows to perform so well when it comes to keeping heat in when it’s cold outside, or keeping cool air in when it’s hot outside. Window frames and what materials they’re made of matter when aiming for an energy efficient design. Frames conduct heat, which contributes to overall efficiency. How your window operates—awning, casement, fixed, hopper, single/double-hung, single/double-sliding—is also a determining factor for your window efficiency. When choosing what windows to install take into consideration the functionality of the windows you choose, their positioning and the climate you’re in.

Insulation is another important factor when ensuring your windows are the best when it comes to being efficient. The better insulated they are, the better they will be at keeping things in or out. Caulking and weatherstripping are essential practices when installing or repairing a window installation, so make sure you have a professional outline exactly what they intend to do when installing your new energy efficient windows.

Energy efficient window installation isn’t just a green initiative—its designed to save you big money on energy costs. With new glass glazing technologies, substitute framing materials and smart design, windows can bathe your home in natural, and energy-rich, sunlight while keeping your bank account happy, monthly.

Do you have any questions about energy efficient window products and services? Call The Window Factory today and speak to a professional about making your windows energy efficient, and beautiful!

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