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Window Installation North Allegheny

Since more than three decades, The Window Factory has earned recognition for its excellent craftsmanship. For certain, you would be adding style to spaces as you opt from a range of doors, hardware, windows and durable accessories. Even as you buy entry doors, you can either opt for stainless steel or fiberglass.


Besides, you can double the excitement as we help you out with window installation in North Allegheny. Additionally, you won’t have to drain your wallet when we take care of the replacements and repairs. With modern solatube skylights, you would always find a different way to illuminate indoors and conserve energy. According to your preferences and taste, you can add an elegant touch to rooms with different doors having side lites, transoms and stunning glasses. Eventually, you wouldn’t fall back in giving a fresh look to your apartment.


Since inception, we have always been serving people with a totally different approach. As we are productive in completing the task, we help you out with everything apart from door installation in North Allegheny. You would be happy when a skillful pair of hands deals in replacing hinges, locks, insulated glass, and balance cams. If you want us to proceed with weather-stripping, then we ensure that there’s not infiltration season after season. Right from the start till the end, we move on with a professional outlook. Even when there are many things to fix, we never hide any detail unless the job is done. With a varied collection of solatube skylights, you can always illuminate rooms without paying much on energy bills. Even when we are proactive with tasks associated with a door and window repair in North Allegheny, you can always remind yourself to be worry-free. Our craftsmanship speaks more about doing everything as per norms and standards.

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