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Window Installation Shadyside

Since the establishment, The Window Factory aids to add value to your apartment and enhance the visual appeal. You won’t find it hard to find the right option from the huge collection of products ranging from stainless / fiberglass doors, windows, hardware to accessories.


In addition, for the past more than 30 years, we have helped households to save countless dollars on utility bills. You can always purchase skylights to brighten spaces and enhance mental strength when you’re working on daily tasks. Once we’re ready for repairs, replacement or a window installation in Shadyside, efficient ways and perfection is always guaranteed from our end.


The fiberglass and stainless steel doors speak more about excellent craftsmanship as they are fitted with side lites, transoms, and decorative glass panes. Even when you’re worried about selecting and thereby installing a patio door, you avail the opportunity to select from a range of options. A positive vibe can always be felt as you try the best way to transforms spaces.


Since you as a customer is valuable to us, innovation can easily be distinguished even if it’s about a door and window repair in Shadyside. Across the years, we have enjoyed undertaking projects even if it’s something like replacements of balance cams, locks, hinges, and insulated glass. But, if you are concerned about weather-stripping, then we skillfully seal every corner and edge. Regardless of what we need to deal with, our professional experts lend a hand right till the completion of the task. Apart from leading you right till completion, we are always best in conserving energy and maintaining efficiency.


Besides, you can trust us as standards are not compromised at any point of time. Even if it’s about a window repair in Shadyside, we strive to offer best-in-class services.

So, do get in touch with our experts in case you wish to incorporate style in and around your home.

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