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Window Sash Chains Replacement

Sash chains are another part easily replaced by the window experts at The Window Factory in Pittsburgh.

Sash chains are used to facilitate the use of a sash window a classic style of window that is made of one or more moveable panels (or sashes) that form a frame to hold panes of glass, and where the panels are opened by sliding them vertically or horizontally and move from both ends (either both top and bottom, or left and right).

The weight of the panel is counterbalanced with a weight within the window frame, and said weight is connected to a cord or chain that runs over a pulley at the top of the frame.

That chain is a sash chain.
Now, sash windows (and thus chains) are typically found in Georgian or Victorian homes, but have been making a revival as homeowners and designers circulate back to these classical styles.

As a lot of these windows are found in older homes, their parts can oftentimes be long overdue for replacement. Sash windows can be operated with either a cord or a chain, but a chain comes highly recommended by our experts at The Window Factory, as well as amongst other industry professionals. There is a higher initial cost, but a chain maintains a longer product life, and is also better suited for higher load ratings.

If you need a sash chain replacement, or require further information, CALL our offices at (412) 727-6342 and let our experts help to determine your situation and which solution best suits you.

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