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Window Screen Replacement (Mesh and Frame)

Our window replacement expertise here at The Window Factory isn’t limited to just glass windows, we also have a large working knowledge of screen windows, as well.

Opening your windows to enjoy a nice summer breeze is great until all of a sudden you have your home infiltrated by a Pittsburgher’s worst enemy – the dreaded stinkbug.

Don’t let this happen to you this summer, or ever again! Attaching an added screen window, or replacing a pre-existing screen, can offer your home an added level of protection from outside components, whether they’re bugs or merely nature debris.

Our window replacement team can tackle any job, no matter how large or how little. We are happy to come and replace established mesh screen that may have rips, tears, or have begun to lift at the corners, or we can fit your windows with brand new screens.

There are actually a multitude of screen types from which to choose, such as solar screens (which offer protection from the heat and UV rays) and pet screens (which are ideal for homeowners who have pets that may scratch and/or tear at a screen). We also have a variety of corresponding frames with different thicknesses and colors to best match your home décor.

Whatever your needs, we’re happy to help find the best fit for you! CALL The Window Factory at (412) 727-6342 and talk to one of our experts to discuss your options today.

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