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Wood Windows

wood windows

Although the old wooden windows you’ve been contemplating on demolishing might appear to be useless, their historic nature and surprising durability make them an excellent candidate for repair. The Window Factory specializes in wooden window repair, replacement and installation services as well as offering custom wood window design and installation.


Old wooden windows in your home might’ve been installed ages ago, however the facts of historical wooden windows only support their reuse. Wooden windows are repairable, upgradable, simple to maintain and resilient. If you’re looking to enhance your existing wooden windows, The Window Factory is your top local choice! We don’t just repair; we can restore your historic home’s wooden framing to reach an even better condition that they were in when they were brand new! We’re experts when it comes to bringing your wooden windows back to life, without the hassle of starting from scratch. Wooden windows are also easily upgradable with The Window Factory because we provide weather stripping services to make your windows up-to-date, but still rustic and beautiful.


In addition to repairing your existing wooden windows The Window Factory also offers installation services for new windows. Wooden windows are classic and rustic, and our professionals are experts in providing you with quality, efficiently. From our diverse products and services, we can make your new wooden windows the envy of the neighborhood!


If you’re looking for a more custom approach to your wooden windows, we also provide custom wood window products and services to really make the exterior of your home standout. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with an exterior aesthetic that they can be proud of, and our custom wooden window craftsman will blow you away with our unique designs, materials and colors. Don’t hesitate customizing your wooden windows!


Have any questions about our wooden window products and services? Call The Window Factory to discover your options today!

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